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Des-Case Desiccant Breathers


As the originator of the first desiccant breather, Des-Case has been pioneering the breather industry for decades partnering with some of the largest manufacturing companies around the world. Ensure your lubricants are protected from harmful moisture and particulates one of our breathers.

Use Des-Case desiccant breather to protect your lubricants

What is a Desiccant Breather?

The desiccant breather replaces the standard dust cap or OEM breather cap on equipment, offering better filtration to protect against even the smallest particulates that destroy the effectiveness of your machinery, and cause downtime and costly repairs. As air is drawn into equipment through the breather, the layered desiccant filter elements remove particulate while the desiccant beads strip harmful moisture. While in service or during shut-down, the desiccant beads attract moisture from inside the equipment reservoir, actively drying the equipment.

Breather Benefits

Every Des-Case breather has been designed to work in a wide variety of industries and applications, using quality, rugged materials and innovative designs in technology. We’re so confident you’ll love the results you see when using our breathers that we’ll even send you one to try completely free. With the most durable polycarbonate casing in the industry, an impact-resistant standpipe that creates optimal and even airflow, quality check-valve technology, honeycomb oil-reducing technology, and so much more. Des-Case has the right solution for virtually any environment or application.

Use Des-Case desiccant breather to protect your lubricants

Product Range

Standard Series Breathers

Standard series desiccant breathers

Simple, dependable lubricant protection for many applications.

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Extended Series Breathers

Extended series desiccant breathers

High airflow, high-absorbent desiccant breathers with check-valve technology ideal for tank farms and large applications.

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Extreme Duty Breathers

Extreme desiccant breathers

Automotive-grade housing and solid standpipe design offer increased airflow, vibration resistance, and temperature range.

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Ventguard Breathers


Desiccant breathers with internal check-valves that protect low-flow applications with intermittent operations.

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Hydroguard Breathers


Desiccant breather with an expansion chamber and internal check-valves to create a nearly-sealed system in low-flow, steady-state operations and humid environments.

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Rebuildable Steel Breathers

Rebuildable steel

Rebuildable, rugged steel breathers for high-flow and/or chemically harsh environments.

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Non Desiccant Breathers

Non desiccant

Breathers designed to filter out particles and prevent contamination when humidity is not an issue.

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Connected Breathers

Connected desiccant breathers

The market’s first connected breather and also the most accurate.

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Vaporguard Oilmiser Adapters

Oilmiser adapters

Oil Mist Adapater traps the oil mist that migrates from lubricated gearboxes and bearing housings before it can damage your desiccant breather.

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Breather Adapters & Accessories

Adapters and accessories

Adapters and accessories for our breather range, offering optimum solutions for various equipment connection needs.

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